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Now offering an exclusive digital class. Read the details below of an outline of what this class includes.

Fill out the information below to sign up.

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Price: $200

We've listed the Digital Editing Class Course Overview Below:

Day 1: Introduction to Premier Pro & Audio Balance
Day 2: Editing Cuts & Learning to Organize Footage
Day 3: Learning How to Use Adjustment Layers & Key Framing
Day 4: Learning How to Add Effects to Adjustment Layers & How to Cut With Beat of the Song
Day 5: Speed Ramping & Masking Out Objects
Day 6: The Breakdown of Coloring A Music Video and Adding Luts
Day 7: Learning How to Add Layovers to Music Videos
Day 8: Learning How to Render The Music Video
Day 9: Train/Edit with A New Music Video & Green Screen Footage
Day 10: Learning How To Change The Background of Green Screen Footage
Day 11: Learn How to Take Advantage of Transitions & Adding Sound Effects
Day 12: Add Animated Subtitles, Render Video and Review Course

Three (3) Free Virtual Calls included. $75 per each additional call

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